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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, January 12

On the Work Table

I think I may have mentioned once or twice that I'm a procrastinator, or maybe I haven't, yet, haha. What usually happens when I have a long TO-DO list -- the most creative ideas get a hold of me and I can't let the go. Like this project. I had seen a tapestry purse at the shoe store but it didn't work for what I wanted -- an iPad case large enough for my iPad that is in a lovely Oberon Design tooled leather case so when I go somewhere I can sling the custom case over my shoulder, that makes me happy!

I saw this bag weeks ago and couldn't stop the percolation in my head, i just kept thinking and thinking and thinking about it.

Until yesterday that is, when i had a huge list of things to do for today. Haha. So I got started off the painted bag instead of my assignments. First i ripped the canvas to size and sketched the design, referring to the photo I took for inspiration. 

The I started painting with orange and pink. 
And added some brown to the background. 
While the thick paint was still wet I took a pencil and sketched in the petals of the flower and the stamens in the center. 
And used a pencil eraser to add some color to the stamens.
Whe that was dry I got out the stencils and some paint and went to town. I also added a pretty fabric center to the flower. 
I could hardly wait for it to dry, and when I checked it at bed-time -- and discovered it was dry, stars sewing right away, yes that was at midnight, haha. I couldn't leave it unstitched over night. 
In the morning I added some inka gold over my damask stencil, yes -- it came out perfect. 
This is kinda what it looks now -- kind of because when the inka gold was dry I added some more spray pAint with stencils and then more inka gold on top of that. 

Needless to say, I'm dragging today as it was VERY late by the time I got to bed. I still need to make a thin strip to make a side panel and create a piece to make a pocket on the back, but so far I am loving the beginning of my new iPad sling!

For today, take those creative ideas that get a hold of your brain and put them into action, you'll be glad you did! Have a great day, and thank you so much for stopping by!

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