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Wednesday, November 11

Zentangles+Tired Boy=Long Afternoon

So, thought I would share some pictures from our class, this is a picture of my boy BEFORE the class started, notice the smile??

this is the smile that can only be found on his hand, at the end of the class. Note the ink is on his hand and not the paper??

Beginning to get frustrated, after about 1 1/2 hours. Doing great, but so ready to be done. Wants it to be perfect the first time out.

2 Hours after the class started, see the tears?? Wanting to be in the car on the way home. Still doing GREAT for being 10 and never Zentangling before.

Hiding his face from the camera, but I can still see him, LOL.

2 hours and 15 minutes into the class, he's resorted to taking pictures instead of tangling.

Trying to make him laugh, didn't work really.

Pictures he took of my tangles.

2 hours and 30 minutes into the class, not wanting to get back to it and a little upset that I reminded him about the "rules" of taking an adult class with me.

Pictures of his tangles. I think he did pretty good, considering we sat in the back of the class, the teacher was working on a 11 x 17 pad at the front of the class and it was hard to see and he's only 10. I have always encouraged him that his work doesn't need to be perfect but he wants it to be the very first time out. I hope he can get over that and understand the learning process. He's a very creative soul and it would be sad if he gave up being artsy because he wants to be perfect!

He did say that he enjoyed the class - just wish it had been a little shorter and a little easier to see the "process" of doing each tangle. He (and his teacher) want me to show the class how to do it. Thinking about that one, not sure if I could handle a class full of these emotions, LOL.

Thanks for stopping by....and a quick reminder - my Sewing class at My Creative Classroom starts this Friday. I know the date has changed a couple of times, but it's REALLY starting on Friday, I promise.


  1. aww he did do well though, tell him his zentangle is way better than i could do!!!
    i have a perfectionist daughter too, i know the feeling... it would be such a fun class to do... jenxo

  2. So Funny! He did great! I love his sad face....he is cute sad or happy. Can you color the "tangles"?


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