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Friday, November 20

Turkey Centerpiece and another SNOWMAN!

I try to volunteer in my son's classroom as much as I can, this year it's been a little slow getting going, but I think we're getting in the swing of things. I think that children that can craft - more than just color and cut up paper - are better apt to find something to do at home when they are bored - so I like to share my crafting abilities with the kids in the classroom.

This is my first "crafting" expedition this year, but I don't think the project I've chosen is going to be too difficult. Cutting and glueing to make a fun vase or other Thanksgiving decoration.

I first started with a 15 oz can that I pulled out of the recycle bin. (I washed it before I used it in my craft.) Covered it with brown felt, cut some "feathers" from construction paper and glued them on the back of the can. Then cut a head, added some googly eyes, a beak and beard. Tied a piece of twine around the can with a tag that says "Happy Thanksgiving" and glued on the head. CUTE. Hopefully we can get it done in an hour! Wish me luck :-)

I've been looking at the snowman kit I bought from my friend Monday night - and decided that I just couldn't look at it any longer, I had to do something with it. So, I made another snowman last night. It was the perfect project to work on as we watched a weird movie (Adam Resurrected). I made the scarf this time instead of using an old wool sweater, I'm thinking I like the sweater better.

I'm also thinking I like the yarn for hair as well.

But the pompom, that really is the icing on the cake. The gilding on the lilly. The piece de resistance, said with my best french accent. The orange polka dots make me happy. It's the little things in life, right? I'm not happy with my handwriting on the banner, will most likely redo that on the computer - wishing I had an old typewriter.

Now my first snowman has a friend. He just needs a wooden base to sit on!

If you are local, The Beattie Chicks are having another felted class on December 16th. This time they'll be teaching Christmasy things....I'm already signed up - can't wait.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your Friday and your weekend too! I'm teaching up to Scrap n' Stamp (Phone: 207-582-4544) in Gardiner on Saturday from 1 to 4. We're making pretty pins - and there's room for another student or two - so hope to see you!


  1. SUPER CUTE!!!!!
    love him, the scraf and hat (love the idea to use the pastry funel) really precious!
    Have a great w-end!

  2. oohhh my goodness- so so so cute!!! and your handwriting is wonderful my friend!

  3. Those snowmen are the cutest! And I love the turkey, too...

  4. I'm finally getting around to reading blogs! Miss reading all of your fun posts. I love to craft with Bethany and I think you are right. She can just sit and craft for hours! Those snowmen are adorable. What are they made of? It almost looks like felted balls? Hope all is well. Take care and Happy turkey day!

  5. have such a wonderful eye and style. I love them and can't wait to felt with you. H

  6. I like the "conversation" going on between orange guy and red girl. So cute! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!


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