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Monday, November 16

Wet Felted Snowman Class

I took a fun class tonight from my friends Hannah and Leslie. They've been hard at work on a new venture called the Beattie Chicks, you can see the schedule on Leslie's blog. The class tonight was all about making wet felted snowmen. OMG, we had so much fun! Here's the group of snowmen that were made, my two are in the front row - they are the ones with green and red scarfs.

Here's Hannah, introducing us to felt.

Here's Leslie, wearing the felt :-)

Hard at work on my snowman ball.

Trying to put it together, a little bit different from everyone else.

Hoping I don't get my finger, I'm sewing on seed beads, only to take them off again because I didn't like they way they looked.

Here's my Mom (in the center) with her co-worker Valerie - on the right.

Here's my man, I'm going to have to hot glue the branches in for the arms because I couldn't get them all the way through, but he's so cute. The scarf is made from a piece of felted sweater.

If you live locally and can get to any of the classes put on by Leslie and Hannah - I highly recommend it. The classes are well thought out, they supply all the tools and stuff you need - they are great teachers, and they work so well together, and the price is very reasonable! It was a very wonderful class! THANK you ladies!

I've got a sick boy on my hands, will probably end up taking him to the Dr. tomorrow as he's got a fever that keeps fluctuating between 99.6 and 101, hoping it's not the swine.


  1. haha too cute,

    hope your boy is ok Jenxo

  2. how cute are those!!!! I hope your little one feels better soon!

  3. love them!! I love to work with wool felt. your little guy is soooo cute..

  4. Thank you for the free publicity! I love your snowpeople! and I love being your friend :-)

  5. I just started to felt. My Mom does it and gave me a whole bunch of roving to play with. These are adorable! Wish I lived closer I would take a class!

  6. Oh wow ... those wee snowmen look totally adorable ...


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