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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, November 17

Felted Snowmen, AGAIN!

I put the final touches on my snowmen - hot glued their arms in, added some glitter to their bases and hats, added a piece of cream felt to the bottom of the wooden disk, and made a litte purse out of a green felt ball and some wire. I am in love with how they came out, the red one is my absolute favorite though! The one with the green scarf - well, his head is to big. He needed a smaller snowball :-)

The one with the green scarf I turned into a little ornament. For the hanger I used red beads and pearls, to resemble a cranberry and popcorn garland, I also added a metal believe charm from Tim Holtz. I think the reason I like the one with the red scaft best is the size of the base he sits on. I didn't have any of the larger wooden disks when it came to finishing it off, so I had to use a small disk.

If you ever get a chance to take a little class making felted people, don't hesitate. It's fun and very relaxing. Plus, it's always fun to try something new!

thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day.


  1. These are sooooo adorable! I would love to learn how to do that, but I don't think it is as big a deal down here as it is up there. Pity, they are too cute!

    yapping cat

  2. They are the cutest little thing!
    I ohhh so wish some days that I would live in your neck of the woods.... to make special little things like this!
    SO are we going a run of ATC's?
    I need to do a couple.... interrested?
    Have a great end of week

  3. I guess I'm the lucky owner now of that little snowman in the last pic. Right beside me now.
    You made me happy !


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