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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, March 5

Three Unhappy Frogs on my back porch

I thought I would blog early today...taking a break from my EK Success assignments to share my ice covered frogs. NOTE: I know they look real, these are only statues that hang out on my porch during the winter. We're having a lot of ice and sleet today, so I need to get my work done while I have light to see by!

Aren't they cute? Christmas Tree Shoppes, a buck. Can you believe that. If you have never heard of this line of shops, you are missing out. My husband calls them the China Tree Shoppe because just about everything is made in China, but hey - that's OK with me! I can do down to Portland and shop there, fill up my cart with cute stuff and only spend $25.00...gotta love the China Tree!!

Ok....breaks over.....time to get back to work. TTFN!!


  1. oh no I hope that sleet and snow stops for you! we are supposed to have snow on friday. Yuck! Love your froggies :)

  2. Your Christas Tree Shoppes sound like Dollarama here (everything is made in China there too!) and I love me some Dollarama let me tell you!! Your froggies look "frozed"!!! It's been nasty here too though we didn't get as much ice/sleet as they called for, just another 6" of snow. Mind you they are calling for more snow tomorrow and on the weekend so who knows what kind of mixed bag that will be!!

  3. Chilly froggies!
    Oh... I wanna go shopping with you there!!

  4. THIS explains the warts!



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