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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, March 19

N is for Nicole!!

I made this mini-collage for a friend that was having a tough week last week, and it pretty much came together so easy and so fast. One of the reasons for this is that it's only 4" x 4" tiny means fast. The other reason was that I needed a break from the projects I was working on. What took the longest was waiting for the couple of layers of crackle paint that I put on it to dry.

Nicole had just finished up a project using lady bugs, so this little lady from one of my old dictionaries was perfect for this page! Then I found some other nice words that described her in my dictionary and put them on the canvas...add her initials and the crown and send it off in the mail to make her day!

Nicole, so glad you liked it!

BTW, I tried to fix this image so that you see all of the image - for whatever reason blogger is cutting off the right hand side of it.


  1. Cat that is gorgeous! What a special piece of art for her. You are such a great friend :)

  2. hi - n is for nat also ;-) Just kidding. Love this so much. I miss you girl!

  3. What could be better when you have been having a tough time, than to receive some art..from someone's heart!? It's lovely and something Nicole can cherish always.

    (i always hate waiting for things to dry...I'm too impatient to get the piece done!!).


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