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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, March 27

ATC's for Scrapbooks and Beyond Challenge

I am on the Design Team for my local scrapbook store, Scrapbooks and Beyond. Kelley is a dear friend (and she reads my blog too ;-) and I visit her often when I am in town doing errands. Her store is right next to the grocery store and the place where I get my hair cut, so I have lots of reasons to be nearby.

Anyway, this month I designed a clear album (check my flickr account for more pictures) and these two atc's as part of a challenge that Kelley was doing with the rest of the team.

I literally whipped these up in under 10 minutes each. I love the way the confidential one came out, don't you? I had a scrap piece of dictionary page that said "radioactivity" and it totally cracked me up when I thought of this old lady and the heart...the green kinda represented the green fog that I imagine radioactivity to look like...twas fun!! I am really loving ATC's...I just need to find the time to add them to my new 7 Gypsies spinner...and I can't wait for the little protectors and punch to come out...Hurry 7 Gypsies, hurry....

TTFN...and if anyone has any tips and hints on good places to visit in the Colonial Williamsburg area, please let me know. We're planning a spring vacation down there and any good tips would be GREATLY appreciated!


  1. Cat those are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!! I JUST ordered my atc spinner today! We need to do a atc card swap, I even ordered those little cards too! I found the new transparancies I should be getting those any day. I want that punch too let me know if you find it and I'll keep a look out for it too :) I'll send ya an email about Virgina here in a sec. Love your atc's again, thanks now I have that song "radioactive" in my head. hehe

  2. wowser-girl!!! in 10 minutes- hahahha-I need ten minutes to get just over using my sewing machine again ;-)

  3. Love those! You are making me feel inspired to get that 7g atc holder. I've never made an atc but you are making want to.

  4. Both beautiful creations Catherine - what one can do in so little time - I love the way you have stitched around 'be creative' instead of on it - that is inspired thinking !
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are great Catherine -- that shade of green is perfect for radioactivity -- and the woman's face -- too funny!!!

    Have blast in Colonial pointers or tips from me -- was there many years ago when my kids were younger...and it was like a hurricane so we didn't even get to see much!!

  6. cool atcs!
    Thanks for visiting our blog and sharing your wishes and lunch with us!


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