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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, March 2

Merrymeeting Art House February Art Camp

The week before last I was honored to have TWO full days of classes with two different groups of girls at Merrymeeting Art House.

We played with paper clay and created these fun birds on skinny legs.

The girls were all so cute and the color choices were amazing. Each bird was named and had a sweet and fun personality. One girl names her bird Warthog, which totally cracked me up.

They also made a little letter plaque to hang in their rooms, I shared a tutorial with you a few weeks ago. Here's my demo for the second camp day. Both groups were so talented and fun to be around. I was thankful for a great helper with the younger group too!

I think that it's pretty amazing to watch kids create, I do see there is a fine line of when they start being critical of their work. The first group of girls were 7 to 9 and they were open and free and enjoyed the process with nary a word about their project being ugly or not good. The second group of girls were in 5th grade and I noticed just a little bit of self-criticism creeping in for a few of them. I did break my heart, but I firmly believe that if I can help them NOT go there, then my job is done.

I am already planning out projects for the April camp! Have a great day, thanks for dropping by.  

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