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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Monday, October 13

Studio Flowers

I had quite a few friends and family bring flowers for the opening of Merrymeeting Art House -- it warmed my heart to know that so many people are wishing me great success.

I tried to take a still life of all of them -- to remember how amazing they all are!

Sunflowers from my Mom. She knows how much I love sunflowers. They lasted a long time.

From my sweet friend Nim -- so colorful and lovely. She said the white lilies have a special meaning and now I can't remember what she said. As the flowers ended up going I made 3 different arrangements from this huge one -- some of the flowers lasted about 2 weeks!

Pumpkins and squash from my friend Loretta. They are still going strong a month later with another bouquet of sunflowers my Mom brought. 

Hydrangea  from my sweetest friend Kelley. Hand delivered and from her garden. I have another bouquet hand-delivered this week from another friend. Flowers are definitely welcome here!

Thanks all for dropping by today -- have a great week! Happy Columbus Day!!

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