Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Thursday, October 16

Girl Scout Troop 2022

I had a sweet group of Girl Scouts come by the studio recently to make a Halloween House. Oh my, they were amazing crafters and glitter flingers.

We had so much fun. I'm still cleaning up glitter. They worked on two badges -- crafting and visiting a local business. It was great to see such young girls craft and really feel good about taking the instructions and then doing their own thing with them. They all had the same materials but the end result was just a little different. It's good to give them permission to create and craft the way they like!

I'm looking forward to having them back again soon!

They were amazing at working with glitter and following instructions!

I couldn't stop smiling!

A heartfelt thank you to Mandy Russell and Troop 2022 for coming to the studio to craft with me!

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