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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, March 4

It Was a Small Victory, in Hope!

Are you a Pessimist or an Optimist?
Hopeless or Hopeful?
Positive or Negative?

I tend to think I'm hopeful a good part of the time, but we all have out moments -- right? I like to think I see the potential in things, in what they can become or how I can bend them to fit my purpose which in turn will make me happy. I think that makes me hopeful.

If we weren't hopeful that things will work out for us we wouldn't start new adventures -- in the form of a new job or a new creative endeavor -- or even as simple as trying a new recipe or a new restaurant. Yes, it also makes us adventurous -- but in the HOPE that we will enjoy the adventure. We are hopeful.

Ya think?

Anyway, my point is -- you can use this philosophy in your creating and crafting endeavors too!  Meaning if you think you AREN'T a great (illustrator, collage artist, sketch artist, watercolorist ....etc) you won't be.

But if you keep telling yourself that you are an amazing (whatever your thing is) then eventually your self-confidence and courage and hopefulness will win -- and everyone will see that oozing from your pores -- and they'll believe it too.

And you will believe it too!

Plus, with more self-confidence and hopefulness you will have the inner strength to try more, play more, adventure more in your art -- which leads to more practice -  and we all know that practice makes perfect, right?? It's an amazing circle -- which turns into a whirlwind of creativity. You can't lose.

Really.You can't.

So, slightly switching gears to my "This is art Notebook".  My Daily Practice Notebook. My Constant Companion these days. It started life as a Mickey Mouse notebook (similar to the one at the end of that link) that I picked up at Target. I liked it because of the heavy-duty chipboard cover. It feels substantial, like it will protect my secret lists and drawings. I was a little embarrassed to carry it though, lol.

I'm not much of a Mickey fan. I however, I was hopeful + saw the potential in what the notebook could be. I transformed it. I made it into what I wanted it to be. And it makes me happy. Every single time I open it up I feel satisfied with it. And my hopes for it were great.

It was a small victory, in hope.

See how the little things, that are full of hope and potential can transform your day?

Well that's it for now........Thanks for dropping by today -- have a wonderful, hopeful day wherever you are!

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