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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, March 14

Don't be so Critical of Yourself!

Today I wanted to share a couple of recent #dailysketches that I've completed that I'm not so crazy about. For one reason or another they didn't turn out like I wanted them to. I can't even explain why. Just something bugged me about them.

Which gets me to the point of my post today. It's so easy to be critical of your work and give up. For whatever reason:
  • you've gotten to attached to it and don't really see the forest through the trees
  • it doesn't match the inner vision you had for it
  • it doesn't look right -- the perspective is off
  • it was a struggle that you don't feel was worth the effort when you have completed the piece
  • All of the above
However, when you put your page or art or whatever it is "out" there in cyberspace your least favorite work turn out to be some of the most liked and commented on pages by a jury of your peers.

What does that mean?

For me, it means I shouldn't be so critical of my work, others don't see what I see -- and really they're just daily practice sketches in a cheapo notebook that I use to keep my drawing muscles pumped and ready.  What I really need to do is step back and not set eyes on it for a few days. A week or a year. 

When I come back with fresh eyes I might see what everyone else sees. Sometimes it might be something lovely and fresh and different from the normal day to day and other times I still might not like it. I do tend to get caught up in drawing flowers so sometimes it's nice to draw bugs and birds. However, my love will always be the flowers.

But whatever the outcome, sticking with it and staying true to my own artsy course is the most important part. Being unique and sticking to what I like to do is as important to me as not giving up and expressing myself through drawings and words. All of these dailies makes my heart happy and makes me feel good about what I do. 

You can see more of my dailies on my Instagram feed, link on the left side of the page!  And make sure to sign up for my Newsletter so you can see what's going on in the studio.

Thanks for dropping by today, have a great weekend!  Oh, and make sure to check this out!


  1. Wonderful sketches and I really enjoyed reading your post. So glad to find you through Sunny Link.

  2. beautiful work! I love the quotes you used.


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