Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, March 18

Humble Beginnings

 It starts the same every time. I put a blob of paint -- or whatever medium I'm working with on the newsprint that covers my work table and add water, mix colors, clean my brush off, layering and layering and layering the colors to make a hot mess.
The beginning is always like this! Then I might try to write down a quote with a pencil to work out the details.
Or to remember something that popped into my head.  I'll sometimes use the same newsprint for days. A craft project here, some art journaling there and before long it starts to look like thisI might take notice, like I did in the photo above. And I might not.
If I do start noticing something cool happening I go with it and start making deliberate brush strokes to clean my brush or use up the excess paint I squirted out on the newsprint to preserve some of the cool things and make some more. And then, it looks like this!

To save it I chose the two areas I liked the most and cut them out, large enough to fit on two 9x12 pieces of Mixed Media paper from Strathmore.
And then I use a glue stick to mount them to the paper. 

They might get some art journaling in white and they might just stay like they are. I haven't decided yet but I am really loving the art that this mess turned into!

Thanks for stopping by, have a GREAT week!

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  1. Interesting approach I may have to try that sometime. Hope you are having a GREAT day!


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