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Monday, March 25

Art Journaling - Keeping it Private

I mentioned last week that I've been following along with Rhonna Farrer's 21 Day Challenge. Yesterday (Sunday) was day 10 and I must say finding making the time to journal every day before I do anything else has been wonderful. I've been busy -- and stressed and making pretty art has been a great way to start my day and a big bright spot that I look forward to when I go to bed every night! The last few nights I've been prepping my pages before I go to bed so I have more time to paint in the morning!

I thought I would share my process of art journaling -- with both art and words -- but words I don't necessarily want public. 
First I write -- in pencil and fill my page with just rambling. Sometimes I turn the page this way and that to make it even more random. Then I take a permanent marker and draw on top of the writing. 

When I have filled the page with both words and art I use Gesso to fill in the background and hide most of the words. 
The art kinda starts coming to life at this point and you can't really make out what I'm writing about -- just random words here and there! When the background is all filled in I start adding color. 
I've recently discovered Tim Holtz Distress paints are perfect and lovely for art journaling and painting like watercolor paints. I'm pretty much smitten with the paints. 
I think I'm going to have to have them all. yes. ALL. Plus, the colors are LOVELY.  
When I'm done with all the painting, you can't really make out what I was writing about, just that I painted over a page filled with hand-written words.    

When you are done, your page looks beautiful, you worked out your feelings for the day AND you made some pretty art. 

What more could a gal ask for anyway?

Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a GREAT weekend!  
PS. What's your favorite Distress Paint color?


  1. Great post and I totally agree about the TH paints...must...have...them...all!

  2. What type of paint are distress paints-watercolor, ink, acrylic,...?

  3. Love, love this idea. Thanks and have a great day!

  4. Such a fabulous idea Catherine - I must try this AND get some of the TH paints - I love all the distress colours.

  5. What lovely colors! Good thing my nearest Michaels doesn't carry the distress paints nor does another craft store. I have to have them all. I love Tim Holtz distress products to begin with and wish I had more of the ink pads.

    I love this idea and wish I would have known about it years ago. I'm afraid some feelings were hurt when certain people read my journals. I tried to explain that was how I was feeling at the moment. O.K. They shouldn't have been snooping in the first place but still did not make me feel safe to write down my feelings.

    Way to go on making time. Go girl! Go!

    Thanks for sharing your process!


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