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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, March 21

21 Day Challenge

My friend Martha started the latest version of the 21 Day Challenge with Rhonna Farrer -- I was so stressed that I haven't been giving myself any "me art time" that I decided to join in too. I've been so busy over the last few months that journaling for me just kinda went out the window. I love combining art and words.

I found myself stressed.
and angry.
super angry. 

Like really I'm quitting everything I do angry.
So -- this challenge came at the right time. 
I want to re-set my priorities. 
So that I come first and my family too. 
And then rather than feel guilty about creating art for me, embrace it and work with it. 
I want to enjoy my art, my life, my family. 
I definitely NEED to find time to be healthy. 
I want to experiment with color and design and make time for my family. Wait, I think I mentioned that 3 times already. Yes -- it's that important to me -- they go "do" things so I can stay home and work. hmmm, not fun. missing out.

And I don't want to be angry all the time. and stressed about getting work done when I don't feel appreciated. 

I would say that's a successful 7 day start, art and words really help me. It needs to be a habit. I want it to be a habit, and I've got 7 days under my belt, woohoo for me.
A big thanks to Martha Richardson for inspiring me even though she didn't know she was and to Rhonna for doing the challenge all these years! With that said, it's back to work for me. 

Thanks for stopping by have a great day!  


  1. Way to go on the challenge. It is important to have some "me" time. I used to write in time just for me when I was raising a family and it was treated like any other important appointment. Only broken in an extreme emergency.

    Now I try to spend at least fifteen minutes a day playing. Sometimes things at the end of the time end up in the garbage can and that is all right. At least I had time to play and experiment.

    Wishing you a GREAT weekend!

  2. 'Me' time is so important. If I haven't done any art for a couple of days my family can tell and they send me off to 'go paint something or stick something' :)


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