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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, September 4

Be Faithful

I don't have many words for today. Nothing feels right -- type -- delete -- type -- delete. My words just don't feel right, or appropriate to share on my blog, so I'll keep it light and simply artsy today and leave you with just my art journal page. 
For those of you following my struggles with the pencil, you'll not be surprised to know that this page started out completely sketched. I love my pencil, and I have decided not to give her up. It works for me and I'm ok with erasing the lines. 

I started out thinking I would make a simple page with just flowers. Which I did. The sketch was perfect, and I really love the quote from Andre Gide. 
But when I was "done" it just didn't look done. The page had too much space with no design.
So I took out my trusty pencil and added some doodles to the background, filling the space with patterns and foliage. I'm so happy I did, as I really like the way the entire page turned out. The black lines of the design in the background really enhance the design and color of the flowers in the foreground.
So the moral of the story is -- DON'T be afraid to change course in the middle of a project -- or if it doesn't feel "done" when you planned it to be done, keep working until it feels right to you.
Here's a little tip, if you aren't confident with your doodling skills, use a stencil to draw the pattern in the background with your pencil and then go over the pencil lines with a black marker. You'll get a similar look, only the design will be from a stencil -- it will look just as good too!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a great weekend.


  1. Love seeing all your creative art journal pages, Catherine!

  2. How about you create some background stencils for us that aren't as talented as you???

  3. great quote for inspiration and creative expression


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