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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, September 14

9 Months of Doodling and Making Art

I've been in a funk for the last two weeks -- and haven't really felt like creating much art. I have looked through my journals and projects and thought I'd share some of my favs, in case you are new here. (I did make some sweet sachet pillows this week, it seemed easier to make them than paint, LoL.) 

This is where I was last January/February. Fired up and ready to make art in my journal.  My Art Journal has been such a savior to me this last year, I've taken it with me pretty much every where I go.

In looking and comparing the pages from the Spring to last month, I can see I've really made some progress in my drawing and painting -- and vision. The page below I did in my Illustration class that ended last month.
It looks nice in black and white, but it really popped when I added the color.
I really like the next page, which I finished up last week. The bright color in the foreground with the simple doodles in the background really contrast nicely, I think I'm going to do more like this.
I love quotes, and that's one of the things that most of my pages have in common -- I find a quote that really resonates with me and make that the highlight of my page for that day. Right now the unfinished page I'm trying to give some attention to says "Hope Floats". I find myself feeling extremely hopeful on some days and extremely hopeless on others. Today is the latter.  

I really need to find a nice calligraphy course or book so I can practice my hand-writing. 

I also love drawing and painting flowers, as you can see from the pages I shared today.

I need to find some focus, a direction -- I do know one thing, I need to get some art journaling and painting done so I can get those creative endorphins moving and lift my spirits. What do you do to lift your spirits when the turkeys get you down?
Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!


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