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Thursday, February 26

so much for my dreams of SPRING!!

As you know from reading my last post I'm suffering terribly from Spring Fever. I'm so darn tired of snow and ice and the cold temperatures that I can hardly stand it. I so want the spring thaw to come and to see the bulbs and plants that I planted last fall to come up and start brightening the entrance to my house.
  • I'm anxious to smell the dirt.
  • Looking forward to scrubbing the dirt from my fingernails.
  • Planning my raised beds, like the Pioneer Woman talked about today on her blog.
  • Scouring the Johnny's Seed Catalog so I can get started on planting seeds and watching the fruits of my labor bless my garden, my table and my pantry
  • I want to open the windows and let the spring air in....turn off the pellet stove and be gone with the dust for a while
  • I want to put my hat, mittens and down coat away never to pull them out again!

So, now that you really get a peak into where my mind's eye is, you can tell that when a storm came on Sunday night and took our power, cable and telephone away and brought TONS of snow I wasn't happy. And when our power didn't come back on Monday morning and there was no school after a week of school vacation, and when it STILL wasn't back on Tuesday morning - how happy I was. I went to the gym to take a shower. No flushing of the toilet or warming cups of tea. We ate at the Family Diner (aka my Mom's house) down the street....and went there to keep warm.

This is what I saw when I woke up on Monday morning and walked down to the Family Diner to get some warm food in my Little V's tummy.

What did make me happy is that I got to see our little friend Benny as I was on my way to town to take a shower. He didn't seem to mind that there was no power, he also didn't seem to be to afraid of me either. I took a little video of him chomping away on the branch, paying no mind to me.

Well, have a great day...i've got lots of house cleaning and crafting to catch up on. Thanks for visiting!


  1. so sorry catherine that something so BEAUTIFUL can and does cause distress... i love the photos of it, but two years ago we were without power for 5 days, i feel your pain!!

    hang in there...

  2. love the picture of benny! I am ready for spring too! it's just around the corner or so THEY say. lol! ciao!

  3. *sigh* you need to be here! it's 10:52 am and it is already 71 degrees...spring? summer!!!!


  4. OH.. man... sorry for the snow and the lack of power friend...but those photos are beautiful. How darn close did you get to Benny the Beaver????

  5. I am sending warm thoughts your way!I hate being without power,water,and heat!We have had a few days of warm wheather but it is supposed to snow again tonight and tomorrow!

  6. I'm with you on "enough is enough" with this winter thing! The photos are great! Benny is awesome :)

  7. I love those pictures!!! wow that snow is something. I hope you stayed warm! Let's hope spring is around the corner!!

  8. That's really a sweet little friend that Benny!


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