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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Saturday, August 16

Friday....a JUNKIN' Day in Heaven!!

Friday turned out to be a lovely weather day, and we ventured out for a picnic and to see the town of Fremont! We had a great time going to all of Vicki's junking spots, and things I never EVER see at home I've seen AND found here. That lovely wire basket that I posted with my blue berries, well i'm on the hunt for one because I just sense I'll find one. My Mom jokes that she'll have to leave me hers in her will, but I don't want to wait 'cause I want her to live forever (love you Mom!!) I love that wire basket - but it belongs to her! There are so many wire things here - what i call clam baskets - Vic calls cob baskets - made from wire, may be in my near future too! We had an awesome day looking at other people's junk - and it was heaven. Truly. I love this old picture of me on a telephone, you can see we were having a great time.

Later in the day we met Vic's son and his girlfriend at a little hole in the wall, then off to dinner (which neither of us were to impressed with either - I always leave Applebee's saying I'll never go back and last night was no exception!!

One of the things that strikes me as so different here in the Mid West is that LACK of trees and hills or mountains. You can see for miles and miles - and get a pretty clear shot of the sunsets (when the corn fields aren't in your way). I must have made Vic stop 5 times so i could take some sunset pictures...She thought she was going to get a picture of me taking a picture of the sunset, but i fixed her didn't I?? LOL.

Today we're having a little tea party so we've been busy scurrying around doing last minute things to prepare. My job was to dip the strawberries in chocolate - don't tell her I ate more than I dipped, k??
Wanna know another other thing I learned about Nebraska?? The train comes blowing through every three hours...12:30 - 3:30 and 6:30...yawn.....Well, TTFN. I think I need a nap now!


  1. looks like you are having toooo much fun!! good news...

    i was in borders tonight and found your art from the heart book. i snatched it and made it mine!! i feel like i am so in the know, i know and have art from a published author!! woo hoo!!

    have a great rest of the weekend!!

  2. LOL - you girls are funny!

    send me one of those yummie strawberries ;-)

  3. It was SOOO good to see you!!! Thank you for the adorable pin cushions and the beautiful art piece you gave me. I wish I could have stayed longer. I did get a "present" on the way back to Dad and Mom's........a speeding ticket. Bleck.

  4. looks like your havin a ball!!beautiful stuff!


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