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Tuesday, July 29

oh it was a fine blueberry land!

My Mom and I went out blueberry picking this morning, and it was almost like a dream. We couldn't believe our eyes really!! On the first bush I started picking at I picked 1 QUART in less than 10 minutes. That's the one where the berries were bigger than my thumbnail!!

Between the two if us we picked 10 quarts in less than an hour...and between the three of us (little V included) we probably ate a whole quart...they are so yummy and fresh and gorgeous! don't you just love the color blue?? I am going to freeze some for smoothies this winter and then we're going to eat some too. I do plan on going back again before they're done, oh my gosh we had so much fun. When we closed our eyes all we could see was blueberries!! WHAT fun!


  1. Oh how fun. That brings back fond memories of when I went into labor with my second daughter I was blueberry picking. ;D

  2. ophhhh Iiiii love blueberries- how yummie do those look!!!

  3. wow they are big mine are small!! oh I love blueberries yummy!! think I would have eaten alot more !

  4. Oh yummy!!!! We just bought some blueberries at the farmers market they were delicious! I made some muffins that were so good. I'll send you the recipe!

  5. Whoooooooo...those are HUGE!!! Nothing like that around here! They look fabulous!


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