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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Tuesday, August 12

I'm turning in to a DUCK!!

We've gotten so much rain over the last month it's been AWFUL!! Kinda depressing to be honest.

I've been busy trying to get things done and do things with my Little V...I find it harder to spend lots of time creating and computing during the summer because he's home from school, he spends enough time doing things alone because he's an only child, so even if we read next to each other or hang out in the living room together it's better than me being holed up in my studio and him alone in the livingroom, like right now!

We've been busy too though, doing stuff. Goin' places....

  • Yesterday afternoon we went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth. It was AWSOME, but I had to bribe him just to get there....he was happy after though!

  • Went and climbed a small hill and picked blackberries on Sunday, didn't get much because someone picked them all the day before but we still had fun.

  • We picked blueberries AGAIN last week! I've got about 6 quarts in the freezer now.

  • Went to the local Country the demolition derby. That was fun - though the fair didn't look like it was doing to well - with all the rain and economy crap going on.

  • Been working on some new artsy collaged stuff....FUN!

  • Getting ready to go to Vic's house on THURSDAY! YAHOO looking forward to a nice visit and a break from the rainy weather!

  • Working in the garden, made some pickles, organized and moved some things around in my house to get ready for our new pellet stove. It's red and just like the picture below. It should keep us warm and cozy this winter!

TTFN, I'll take some pictures of the collage's I've been making and post them a little bit later!


  1. We had that kind of rain last month now it's just dry here. I know how you feel about computer stuff and creating and balancing it with the kiddo. It is hard to try and find a good balance! Can't wait to see the stuff you made and to see you saturday :)

  2. oh we have had rain for a few days and its going to continue,I have been trying to go places with my DS likeV hes the only one and I have found it so hard to just concentrate on anything scrappy/altered whilst he is off school. Oh Iam drooling over that stove I LOVE it. Oh soon be time for trip to Vicki`s and shopping/laughter trips!!! enjoy the break

  3. Cool stove!... But I'm alittle worried..they're talking RAIN here. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  4. That stove is the cooles.

    ohhh mannnn - I'm so jalous that you guys are meeting - I wnat to be there too!!! Have an amazing time, Sweets!!!


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