Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Wednesday, February 20

Got My Swapped Cards

I showed you the cards that I made for my swap with Gabrielle from "The Result of my Inspirations", well I got my darling cards in the mail today! Aren't they just sweet! THANK you Gabrielle, I love them. Hope you get your envelope of goodness any day now!

In other news, Little V and I went on a nice walk on the local Bike Path to get some exercise and walk off our lunch from Wild Oats... I just love this train bridge, and the photo came out so lovely. I didn't make any adjustments at all in PS either...what a great little camera!

I'm going to be listing some things on Etsy later tonight, maybe. Depending. Check back later.....


  1. Oh what gorgeous cards.
    Whta a fabulous photo of the train bridge, the rust looks great.

  2. Love your art cards. Tag! you are IT!

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  3. Those are so pretty! She does gorgeous work! Love that bridge picture, I cant wait for our weather to get better I miss going on walks!

  4. Great cards and the bridge is awesome!


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