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Friday, February 1

Three Days...and some other stuff!!

I made this 4 slide holder quite a while back, well as a project in Art from the Heart to be exact, but it got cut from the line up. So, I thought I'd share it here since you are all so kind and thoughtful. A sneakie peakie so to speak, but since it didn't make it in the book, I guess it's really not a sneakie now is it?? he he he. Yeah, I'm a teaser. Can't help it! I'm looking for some information from anyone that has a minute...I'm really quite frustrated with my Etsy shop. How do you get things to sell in your shop? I was very happy to sell two (my favorites too) of my Valentine Cards last night (THANKS Nancy) but I'd like to sell them all...and then be inspired and revved up to make some more. What's your secret to a successful Etsy shop? BTW, speaking of my Etsy..I moved some things around, and it's never to early to shop for Christmas is it? All my Holiday items are marked WAY WAY down from the original prices. So, check out my shop, and I'd love some constructive feedback if you want to share!
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  1. I LOVE that slide holder Cat! I can't believe that got cut from the book!!! I don't have an etsy shop so I'm not much help there. I'll post a link on my blog though it can't hurt. :) I think your work is wonderful!!!!

  2. Wish I could help you with your etsy but I don't sell. I will go check out all your goodies. I hope I do this right, posting you on my blog. I do want a chance t the book.
    Kindest regards, Darly @ daisy's little cottge

  3. Wow- this is so amazing!!!!

    I will link your etsy store soon on my blog! I have no idea what makes this running though.

  4. Love your goodies!! I have an Etsy shop as well as an Ebay store. truthfully, I have been a little slack w/my Etsy store though. However, I have a good friend who does well on Etsy and her tip is to try to list something new at least every other day, if not each day. Good luck!! Angie

  5. Hello! I just found your blog and love your art -- gorgeous stuff. I have been considering Etsy lately, but have been afraid my stuff will just sit there.... I'm interested in what people think, too....

  6. Catherine, your holder is stunning and the doubled inchies below are great! That would make a beautiful WALLPAPER! Hehehe, wouldn't that be fun! Great art!
    I do not have an etsy, and am no help in that area! Sorry!

  7. lovely thanks for the peek.. re: etsy.. maybe half price shipping or ship two of the same for the price of one? just a thought.. mho..regards..P

  8. Just discovering your work and blog (yes, I know , where have I been ? lol) and it is truly amazing !! I shall visit often !
    Isa (in the UK)

  9. Me too... discovering your blog... ooh I'm so inspired! I bought your book yesterday 'Sewing on paper' - have to wait for it to arrive now. Love looking at your work - thank you!

  10. wow all your work is beautiful. you should make a book of just your items :)

  11. Hey Catherine! I second what Angie said above...the secret to etsy is listing something new every few days, if not everyday, and at different times during the day, so you are catching everyone with your new does take time, but my gosh, your work is so beautiful, there is no reason you should not to amazingly well there! Be sure to promote your shop everywhere you can too!
    I have the book allready, LOVE it....everyone should be dying to get their hands on it!

  12. I've only just started selling on Etsy, but my sales have all been leads from my blog. I've seen lots of discussion about this... it's pretty had to get seen on there.

    I've just discovered your blog... I'm adding to my reader :)

  13. Hi Catherine,

    Just popped back to read more of your blog. I just listed not long ago on Etsy and haven't sold anything yet, boohoo~ I don't have much wisdom for you yet but when I figure out the secret to success on Etsy I'll let you know and if you do, please let me know. I've heard from many the eBay is actually better when starting out because there is a larger audience and once your name is known to then move to Etsy but I haven't tried it yet. Your creations are lovely so I think it will just be a matter of time & probably a few prayers.


  14. I'm so glad I've found your blog! Your work is amazing. This is spectacular!


    ~ Jennifer

  15. I wish I knew the secret of success on etsy Catherine...I did well at the beginning and then nothing. I'm wondering if it's "after Christmas lethargy" and lack of $$$...I know I haven't been buying as much, even when I see things I love.

    I read Angie's comment (we know one another) and maybe she's on to something -- change it up every day.

    I think a lot of the "real" success comes from people who have "studios" and mass produce -- I'm thinking of a few people I know through blogging -- they have such "high" readership that as soon as they've made something and listed it, it's gone (and we're not talking $5 items -- we're talking $50 plus).

    Having a well known name and being talked about definitely helps.

    I think your work is amazing...


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