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Monday, February 11

ATC Swap with Gabrielle

I wish I could upload more than one photo from flickr to a blog post...does anyone know how to do that?Also, I am going to mark my Valentine boxes down in my Etsy shop from 12.00 to 8.00 in a few minutes to tempt you ALL into buying them. I also marked down my last two cards from $7.00 to $4.00, so, go buy....and I'll ship them out Tuesday...
ATC Swap with Gabrielle Originally uploaded by CatherineScanlon


  1. Cat you need to use picasa! It is by google (and free) you can upload to blogger 4 pics at a time and edit them. Email me if you need help with it. I'm not familiar with flickr I got to confused with that hehe

    LOVE your atc's! I hope you have fun opening your box from me :)

  2. Beautiful,! I just had to comment!!

  3. Your cards are very pretty, I like them a lot!


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