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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, May 3

Sewing on Paper (and everything else).....

I've been busy, or did I already use that as an excuse last week? ha! Well, this time busy not only with the same ol' same ol from last week but also with some FUN stuff that I totally love! {it's help take my mind off of all the crap....} Preparing class samples for two classes I will be teaching at Scrapbooks and Beyond in Topsham. The first class is Sewing on Paper (and everything else) - go figure huh? LOL. I've had a lot of fun preparing this sample today, it's ALmost complete. I just need to change the white birdie out. I got a bunch in the mail from my cutie friend Vic but seem to have misplaced them somewhere in the mess I am in. She, the wonderful friend that she is has agreed to send me some more! THANKS Vic, you are amazing!! The birdies are from an Accucut Die that she has....lovin' those dies! Anyway, on to the good stuff......the unveiling of the class....wanna see? huh? huh? The other sample is an organizer that I saw on-line made and designed by Amy. It's the cool spinning rack. Anywho, if you don't have time to take the class I am taking orders for them so email me or post a comment and we can strike up a deal or something mutually agreable to each of us!

1 comment:

    Geezz Cat , this is fantastic!!!!
    (your little pkg is in the mail, as of yesterday)
    You are one amazing artist my friend!


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