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Monday, May 7

Martha or MomPlait..... you decide!

I've become very domesticated in the last couple of years! And, most recently - even more so... and I can tell you why. Everywhere I read - people have cancer, stomach ailments, diabetes, heart troubles, skin issues....and I've decided that my Little V needs the absolute BEST start in life that I can possibly give him. How are you going to do that you ask??
  • Well, first we watched Fast Food Nation, right after New Year. We don't eat at McD's any more, well I don't but the Big V and the Little V love it. I think they sneak it sometimes.....but I may be wrong. Who knows?? ya, mom KNOWS everything kiddo!
  • I have also implemented a NO PLASTIC in the microwave rule. It gives to many chemicals off, and where do they go?
  • I've been making my own jams, jellies, relishes, tomato sauces and the like. We don't buy muffins at the local Stop and Rob anymore - I try to make them when I can. Other than that, we don't eat them.
  • I discovered an awesome recipe in Martha Stewart's little food mag. for Granola Bars....I made some revisions to make it more the way we like it, but YUMMMM.
  • I try to avoid products with corn syrup, maltodextrin (corn syrup solids) and other fake sugar stuff. AND absolutely no artificial sugar subsititutes.....except stevia!
  • We don't drink soda!! If we want the fizz, we reach for sparkling water.
  • I make my own instant oatmeal. Easy peasy Lemon Squeezy!! Let me know if you want the recipe.
  • And the best thing I to make my own yogurt with NO CORN SYRUP. Another EASY thing. Little V calls it MomPlait (because it has the texture of yoplait) Big V calls me Martha. I love Martha. I think MomPlait is cute. You decide!

To make your own MomPlait you'll need:

32 oz. Dannon All Natural Nonfat Plain Yogurt, fine metal strainer, cheesecloth, 2 teaspoons of REAL vanilla, 1 package of stevia, 1/4 cup home made fruit preserves - or to taste!

To do it: Place metal strainer in a bowl large enough to allow the liquid to drain from the yogurt. Place a large piece of cheesecloth in strainer and plop the yogurt in the center. Fold the cheesecloth over the top of the yogurt and place in the refrigerator either over night or for several hours. When strained, scrape the yogurt into a bowl, add the vanilla, stevia and fruit preserves and blend. (You can use a food processor at this point - but it makes to many dirty dishes....and I'm kinda a non-dish washing kinda gal.) When completely mixed measure out 1/2 cup portions and store in small containers in the refrigerator.

We've made blackberry and strawberry from jelly I made last year. Next up is Apple using some apple butter I made in the fall....YUM. Let me know if you like it. I might send it to Martha :-)

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  1. Good for you! (hmmm ... I love apple butter!).
    I totally agree with the "getting a good start thing". When my boy were little... We had a garden and I even made alot of their baby food myself with a grinder. No pop when the were younger, made everything from scratch......then the went to college! Even then.. I tried.. I made muffins and wrapped them and froze the individually so he could just take them out each morning.
    But there is only so much you can do as they get older. Wes still isnt a soda drinker much , but I know they eat fast food often.
    I'm hoping once the get over these college years and are on their own.. they'll come back to eating healthy... (the way I tried to teach them) Good for you!


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