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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, August 27


In life it's so dang easy to walk around seeing the ugly in things -- rather than the beauty or the potential for beauty. I do like to think that I see the potential -- or the possibilities that things can be.

Like this foot stool -- being modeled by my dog, Guinness.

I picked it up at Goodwill for $2.99. The moment I saw it I KNEW it would be the perfect companion to the chair that I recovered last week. The chair had belonged to my Grandmother and was taking up space at my Mom's -- I've been gently suggesting that she make a slipcover for it for years.

She didn't.

I had a plan to recover the ugly foot stool with left over fabric - I was going to cut a top out and then cut a strip for around the sides and sew them together. But just in case, I asked my Guru (Mom) what she would do.

She thought that sewing 4 boxed corners would be an easier and better idea. And, boy oh boy was she right. We had this whole thing done in less than an hour. I can't wait to take it to the studio today and try it out.

The moral of the story -- like Kelly Rae Roberts says -- always be a Possibilitian -- and when they say Mother Knows Best -- a lot of the time they are right! Thanks Mom.

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  1. Cute blog and nice work! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!


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