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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Friday, August 15


Last year I mentioned to my sweet friend Val that I wanted to open a teaching studio so I could teach mixed media art classes near where I live.

And she showed me this space. In her building. It didn't look like this though -- it was crammed full of lots of stuff and junk. After they moved out all the junk I spent one whole day cleaning and it looked like this. 

Since I had a vision in my head -- I looked and looked for the perfect table and other items to furnish it with. A woman gave me a nice table and I even bought one that needed a lot of work. And then this 44" x 9 FOOT long mammoth came along and the price was so right. And I couldn't say no. It was what I had asked for.

Once the table was in there my dream started to take shape.

And then I started making it look pretty with all the great ideas I've seen over on Pinterest. You can tell I've been thinking and dreaming of this for a long time -- I started pinning ideas to that board about a year ago.

Today I found 6 more chairs at goodwill -- and the price was SO WAY right that I took them right away and into the studio. I have a few more things to find (yes, I am learning patience)  I also need to get some supplies purchased and then will start to schedule classes and soon, so very soon -  Merrymeeting Art House will be ready for students.

So if you have a dream.
Even if it feels so big and so unattainable.
Don't give up on it.

I didn't -I thought about it and dreamt about it and planned what I would do and how it would look.

And, look..... it happened!

Thanks for dropping by today -- and a huge thanks to everyone that has helped me make my dream come true!


  1. Good luck on your new adventure. Everything looks great.

  2. Catherine, this looks fantastic! So happy for you - and I'll be watching for classes you'll offer :-)

  3. Congratulations on following your dream and seeing it to reality! I would love to come take a class in this space!


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