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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, May 14

Cooking is Creative!

I It's no secret that I like to cook for my family. I cook a complete meal, from scratch about 5 times a week. The other days we are busy and eat on the fly (hint: ramen) or eat out. I'm not much of a recipe person when it comes to cooking -- much of the time I refer to a recipe just for process or to see what spices they use and the quantities to get the gist of what I should do.

 Last week I made bibimbop -- a Korean Rice dish. It was so delicious.

 I also made a PF Chang style Peanut Lettuce Wrap. I didn't refer to any recipe on this one, just went from the several times I've enjoyed them at PF Changs. They turned out great. I will also note that Chang's uses iceberg lettuce but I used romaine -- because of the thick vein in the center of the romaine leaves it was much easier to load it up with the chicken mixture like a taco and eat it without having it fall apart.

Most of the time I fly by the seat of my pants when I don't have a recipe and then try and write it down later if it comes out good.

You can be creative in the kitchen too, from food photography to experimenting with spices and textures!

Have a great day, and get in that kitchen and make something!

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