Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Thursday, April 17

Paper Mache Easter Eggs for Boys

Yesterday I shared a sweet little Easter Egg box that, frankly is strictly for girls. If I gave that to my 14 year old son I think he would disown me. Well, maybe that's a little harsh....but he wouldn't think it was cool at all.

So, how do you decorate eggs for boys? How about this idea. Wrap the ribbon just like I showed you yesterday, but instead of decorating with a pretty foofy pink bow -- add a bird nest, eggs and a cute little bird.

Now that I've got the base part created, I can add a few flowers and branches without making it look too girly. I also stuck with masculine colored ribbons and paint colors to help.

If you've got two boys, use different birds, or add a simple, hand written name tag so they know which egg belongs to them.

Now, I just need my husband to help me with the geo-caching thing and the hunt will be on!

Thanks for dropping by, come back tomorrow to see who is the winner of the Catherine Scanlon Designs / Art Gone Wild Blog Hop AND a sweet Easter Card!

Have a great day.

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