Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Wednesday, February 13

Randomness on a Wednesday!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Hard to believe we are 7 weeks into this year -- it's been a blur! Anyway, this year Mr.Chivalrous and I decided to boycott VDay -- in a way. We decided to go to the store and choose cards and hand them to each other, read them -- then put them back and hug/kiss and save ourselves $10 and then go out for sushi or something. 

We're also going to give each other the Nutri-Bullet and start down that path we've started a MILLION times toward healthiness. Green Smoothies -- for Valentine's Day -- oh happy day!

I know -- I can hear you saying but Catherine you make such beautiful cards. Yes. yes I do. But I'm going to save that beautiful Valentine that I made and give it to my Mother. Well, it is what it is. 

For those of you that do NOT boycott VD head on over to Reminisce in Exeter, New Hampshire and pick up one of these beautiful sachets that I created. They've been there for a while and since I want to get them on the move out of her shop we marked them down.
Each one is made from a Vintage quilt piece, lace, Vintage Jewelry and lots of other bits and bobs -- with a secret pocket to hide secret love notes in. 
Oh, and did I mention it smells heavenly too? Your sweetie will be overjoyed with happiness. Hurry though, VD is tomorrow. 
For those of you NOT interested in VD, this is a Public Service Announcement reminding you that my newest class, In + Out Embossing that I'm having over at My Creative Classroom starts on Friday! Click on the image below to be whisked away to that magical crafty place!

PS. I've got another PSA for you -- I'll be headed to North Attleboro, MA on March 9th to teach 2 workshops -- stay tuned for more details on that! THANKS for stopping by - have a GREAT Wednesday and Happy VD to all you love birds!


  1. LOL! You will spend more than the $10 you saved on not buying cards buying Sushi. Enjoy!

    Have a great week what is left of it!

  2. Oh.. pretty, and I love that they are made from pieces of old quilts :)


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