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Tuesday, February 5

Are you LOOKING?

I'm always looking at the world around me. thinking about it. thinking about how to capture it with my camera and my mind's eye too! I think that's why digital photography really makes me happy -- I can take as MANY PICTURES as I want and if they aren't good -- I just press the delete button and move on.
There are certain places that I travel around everyday that I really love. Like this tree. Do you think I'm  crazy that I love this tree?

I take pictures of it all the time -- in different seasons, from different angles. sometimes walking. sometimes driving. sometimes riding. I find it a little weird that I love this tree.

It's the 1 mile land-mark from my home. Round trip 2 miles. When I was a kid (thirteen and up) I would tell my Mom that I was walking to the big tree when I needed some fresh air. sometimes it was at night. sometimes it was during the day. she knew where I was walking to.
I have no idea how OLD it is. But I do believe it is pretty ancient.
This picture is my favorite so far -- it's so moody. and even more so when I add a little sepia tone to it.
Look at how much better it looks with snow above -- than withOUT snow below. I just wish that house wasn't there. it's a little distracting.

Is there something you see everyday that speaks to you somehow? Have you documented it in any way? like I did on this big canvas with an image transfer?

oh, hello tree.

thanks for stopping by -- have a great day!


  1. Fabulous post...makes one think! I love trees...really...and nature...that's were I love to take photos. Terrible at documenting life but not at nature ;)

  2. I love your tree. But then I love trees. I would have to say the sepia tone picture is my favorite. I also really like the image transfer. I haven't tried that yet. It is on my crafting "to do" list. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  3. Wonderful. Thanks for reminding us to really look around us and notice the beauty everywhere.

  4. Oh I can totally see why you love that tree. It has character, it's like the "grandfather" of trees. I love the way the branches reach out, instead of straight out.

    I love the image transfer....... I've been driving past a similar tree which sits all by its lonesome. Although I've been thinking about taking some photos, life has kept me from taking the time. Definitely going to schedule time this next week. Thanks for inspiring me :-)


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