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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, December 7

Looking Back...

I know you all thought I fell off the pumpkin truck that ran through here but I assure you -- I didn't. I'm here. Busier than I have ever been -- but I don't have ONE THING to show for all that busy-ness! It's crazy. I'm happier than I have been, I feel like things are happening.

good things. just not artsy things. in my journal. for me.  
which makes me a little unhappy.

One of those good things is; I am planning, prepping, changing, editing a few classes and giving them a little makeover for a re-debut at My Creative Classroom next year when we announce some GREAT changes that I know you will be happy about. We've got a TON of great things coming for 2013. You know, 13 is my lucky number -- right? 

Anyway, in all that planning and prepping I found these images of some projects I made for a class that I WAS going to teach and never did. I think it just fell off my radar. I thought I would share these fun little gems with you today. 

Aren't they fun?? Can you believe I made these in 2009?? They've been lost and lonely for a LONG time.

I think I might add them BACK to my list for 2013.  I forgot how fun they were to make and beautiful they turned out!  We can all use a little more beautiful in our lives, don't you think?

Well that's it for today, I've got a BUSY BUSY month but I promise to try and blog so much more than I have in the last few weeks!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend!


  1. fell off the turnip! Love those little thingies...LOVE!!!

  2. Those are gorgeous Cat! Especially that blue and yellow one...yeowwww... you amaze me girl!


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