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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, November 1

Magic of Christmas!!!

Popping real quick on this CRAZY busy Thurday to remind you that Magic of Christmas: A Primer for Interactive Holiday Cards is starting tomorrow over at My Creative Classroom. I know it's hard to think about that ALREADY since Halloween was just yesterday -- but in this great class you'll get a LOT of creative cards made for those special people in your life!

Here are some details for you:

In this newest offering at My Creative  Classroom, she will walk you through the steps to create 10 beautiful, creative  and unique interactive cards to give to those special people in your life.  Taylor the papers, embellishments and sentiments to create the same cards for  birthday, wedding and other important celebrations you want a special card for.

Each weekday for 2 weeks you will receive  access to a new lesson. Each week the lessons will includes videos,  step-by-step instructions and downloadable .PDF files – to make an interactive  card each day. With a total of 10  Lessons – you are getting access to 5 weeks of lessons in just 2, a great value  and time saving idea!

Week 1 will be a primer – introducing you to interactive cards with instruction on beginner mechanics like easels, pop-ups, folders and tents. Each card will be a masterpiece in folding, sliding or interactivity. Moving in to Week 2 your cards will become more complicated and intricate works of art with styles like droppers, twirlers, zippers, buttons, and more intricate pop-up cards.

While this class will be a boot-camp-style in presentation, you will have plenty of time to create and share your cards during the course of the class as well as access to the Message Forums to interact with Catherine and your fellow students!

follow this link to sign up!

Hope to see you there, have a GREAT day! Now, off to work on more classes!

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  1. Ooooh very tempted. I really would love to know how to make some interactive moving cards. You might see me there!


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