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Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Tuesday, November 20

Do you See the Potential?

I have always thought of myself as a pessimist. But lately I have been questioning that. Is there such a thing as a pessimistic optimist?
Would that make me a optipest?
Or a pestiopt? 

ha ha. All kidding aside, what brought these thoughts to mind this week were these buttons. Yes, buttons. I bought the cutest coat at Christopher Banks. It was on clearance. Less than half price. And I loved it, but I hated the buttons. HATED them. My husband hates it when I say hate. I REALLY, REALLY DISLIKED THEM, ha ha.

They were everything I am not. Glitzy. Big. Glittery. And they didn't go with the cute fitted khaki jacket. And they really didn't go with me. jeans. clogs. t-shirt. scarf. nothing glitzy. no makeup. no fancy nails. just me. not glittery.

I loved the jacket -- and I could see the POTENTIAL of it. I could actually close my eyes and see the jacket with buttons that I liked. How cute it would be with buttons that fit my style. 

and the style of the jacket that I wanted it to be.
So I ran down to JoAnn's and bought $25.00 worth of buttons that fit my style. ha ha. Any savings I was happy about when buying the jacket were COMPLETELY GONE!

But you have to admit, it's one cute jacket now! Perfect for a casual Thanksgiving with family! or a movie date with my handsome husband. Or shopping with friends. You name it, I can't wait to wear it!

While it may be a stretch to call myself an Optimist -- I think I am rightly justified in saying I am a POSSIBILITARIAN! Or a POTENTIALIST!

Yes, I really like the sound of Potentialist! That sounds just about right.

thanks for stopping by, I hope you wake up today and see the Potential of Having a GREAT Tuesday!

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  1. Oh... I just love you silly girl! Why cant you live next door? :)


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