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Thursday, October 11

Painting, Painting, Painting

I don't remember if I mentioned that I've been taking a painting class -- not at MECA but at a really cool studio in South Portland. I've always wanted to learn more about painting -- so this worked out perfectly for me.

Of the 4 weeks of this class so far I have painted two things that I like. The first painting was a pretty sunflower painting based on the flowers the teacher brought, the second was the abstract from this week.
We were painting abstract -- which is a total struggle for me to begin with -- I just don't know how to start - or even where -- and sometimes why. At first I hated every single thing about this -- when I first started. That was the first 5 minutes. The brush strokes just didn't have the look I wanted. They were too dang perfectly applied. No variation at the edges, no texture.

I was discouraged right out the gate.
And then one of the other students, hearing my discussion with the teacher -- suggested that I switch to my non-dominant hand to paint.
and that was it.
just the right amount of encouragement. 
The change was almost instant. The brush strokes started looking like I wanted them to. I did use my left hand for the scraping -- but other than that this painting was painting 95% with my right hand.
Now I just have to translate that experience to my left side. I hope it's not easier said than done. I think I'm going to paint with my right hand again next week!
I'm calling this painting, "Get Out of my Head!"
Because the quotes are all from famous artists!

Moral of the story, be open and willing to try new things in order to get what you want from your art -- and you probably will!

Thanks for stopping by -- and sorry I haven't posted much this week -- it's been a CRAZY jam packed week. More tomorrow though!

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