Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Friday, October 12

Let's Get Organized...

Today I have something completely different to share with you -- it's a post about a product that I think you just might love called Viewtainer!

My friend Tracy sent me these to see how I would use them -- around the studio -- house -- wherever I thought they might come in handy. What I discovered is they are handy EVERYWHERE, let me show you!

I have found they are great for a lot of different types of creative supplies -- mostly because of the HUGE variety of sizes that are available, you can check that out here! They are perfect for protecting my paintbrushes and pencils while I travel here and there for art journaling. Not only are they strong enough to protect everything inside, they have a little slit on the top that you could take just one thing out or remove the entire cover to get everything out! In the image above I have one for colored pencils, paintbrushes and those pesky tacks that always get everythere in my desk drawer.

These little ones I love -- one has my garden twine inside -- keeping it dry and all I have to do when I need a piece is pull on the end until I have a piece long enough and cut! I also have a little first aid kit -- the perfect size for my glove compartment -- but big enough to have band-aids, first-aid cream and a few other important emergency supplies you might need at the end of a hike other outside activity away from home.

And the last one for today -- a bank! Well, actually it's holding my poker money, lol. The slit on the top is perfect for adding more change -- but it's easy to take the top off if you need to raid it for a cup of coffee or a quick game of Parcheesi or something like that.

If you like organizing supplies you'll love these cool containers from Viewtainer -- take a minute to check out all the different sizes ( AND COLORS) they have!

I'll be back Monday -- with a GUEST Post that I created for Sizzix, yes -- I'm very excited about that! Have a great weekend! 

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  1. I saw them advertized somewhere and thought they looked like a great idea. cool!


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