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Tuesday, July 10

My Babies Flew the Coupe

This is the second year we have had the opportunity -- and a sweet one it was -- to watch a MaMa Robin build her nest on our back porch. I loved seeing her daily attention to her nest, and then hear her squawk at us as we went out on the deck to enjoy the pool, work in the garden or just use the back door. She was pretty protective of them from the moment she laid her eggs until the moment they all flew away!
 She took great care of her babies, and her mate helped her feed them daily. One of the 4 babies fell out of the nest on a cold rainy day and I called the Bird Center for help on how to save it without turning the MaMa off. (FYI -- they said to put on Latex Gloves and gently place the baby back in the nest so she wouldn't smell me on her baby, it worked.) She raised all 4 babies bringing bugs and worms to them all day long. 
It was nerve wracking though. I'm such a MaMa myself that I couldn't stop worrying when it was dark and she didn't come back, and then I worried that the neighbor cat would raid the nest -- and then I worried they would fly off the deck and straight into the pool. urgh. to much worrying.
I'm happy to report that all four babies have flown the coupe over the weekend -- and I hear and see them every couple of hours digging up worms on the lawn.
 This little guy, though. He was the last to leave. He sat up in the nest all afternoon -- looking scared and calling to his MaMa. I kept talking to him and encouraging him to join his family -- but he was pretty nervous. At first I thought he was the one that fell out of the nest and couldn't fly. He eventually did -- but we had to help him a little because he oriented himself so the only way out was straight into the pool. 
In the melee of getting him from the deck to the grass he (or she) ended up taking a little 10 minute break sitting right on my arm. It was sweet and oh so rewarding. But -- as much as I enjoyed having them here to enjoy watching them grow for 2 years in a row -- I'm relieved I don't have to worry about them anymore. 

That's all for today -- deadlines, assignments, travel plans and an unexpected trip to the Dentist are on my agenda for today. Thanks for stopping by -- hope you have a wonderful TUESDAY! 

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