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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, May 16

Switching it UP today

I have drifted away -- quite a bit away -- from making things that really make me happy. Don't get me wrong, art journaling makes me really happy -- extremely happy -- on the verge of being ecstatic -- ha ha --  but I also love playing with patterned papers, sewing on paper and everything to do with paper crafts. It's very tactile and satisfies a LOT of the crafty senses I have.

I love getting creative and adding an artistic touch to just about everything I do, even in the kitchen. I'm known for throwing a bunch of ingredients together for dinner that everyone loves. When my family wants me to make it again I can't because I didn't write the recipe down. I've started writing down my recipes. Or I change the ingredients to fit my needs -- for what I have in the pantry. Don't get me wrong -- there are a few disasters here and there -- but mostly my family is happy with my cooking experiments.

Mostly, I'm satisfied with my artsy and crafty experiments too.  

I take that willingness to experiment to my studio as well. There is nothing off limits -- if I can think of it I will try it. Why not, what have I got to loose but a few dollars on paper? I'm going for it.

Speaking of that, this is a pretty card from my newest card class at My Creative Classroom -- ARtful Cards. This class had a lot of stamping, painting, spraying, collage, sewing, distressing experiments in it. You name it -- it's in this class -- and many of the processes came out of playing and experimenting with the way things work and pushing the limits. This was one of my top two favorites from that class --  you can see I carried my love for fortunes and used one as the sentiment on this card.
I am a firm believer that having a lot of skills - or knowing a little bit about a lot of things - is definitely in my favor. It makes me versatile -- and flexible -- and really able to craft and make art with anything.
So, what have you experimented with in the kitchen, studio or garden today? Push yourself to try new things -- get out of the box -- and try something new with something old. I think you will be pleased with the outcome. And if you aren't pleased, I bet you can say you learned something from your playtime.

Thanks for stopping by - have a GREAT Wednesday! 

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