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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Monday, May 21

seven hundred and fifty

I almost can't believe that I have posted on this thing 750 times. It seems like such an unreal number to me - kinda like winning the megabucks would be. I'm not sure what I thought I was doing when I started writing this -- or whether I thought I would even get to seven-hundred-and-fifty. But I have. Sometimes I have a hard time sticking to things so I'm actually giving myself a pat on the back to know that I've gotten this far with it.

 for me, seven-hundred-and-fifty is a pretty monumental number. As I look back, I can see times where I didn't blog much -- like last year. I can attest to the fact that -- sometimes --  life gets in the way and it's hard to share very much of yourself when everything feels pretty dark and pointless.

 So, in celebration of SEVEN-hundred-and-FiFtY posts -- and having a little light in my life lately -- I thought I would have a little give-away.

I found these fun collages when I was looking for something the other day -- I think these were published in Sew Somerset or another Stampington magazine. They were still wrapped up in the packaging they used to send them back to me. I thought you all would appreciate ART more than SUPPLIES.

I will draw a winner winner chicken dinner -- on Tuesday May 29th -- well -- I will draw THREE chicken dinners -- and each winner will win ONE of these cute collages that you can frame or do whatever you want with.

With that, I've got to get to work -- thank you so MUCH for your support -- it's knowing that you all are reading that keeps me coming back to this thing anyway! Have a WONDERFUL day!


  1. Congrats on 750...that is quite monumental!! I would love to win a chicken dinner...tee-hee!

  2. Congratulations on 750 posts. That is quite the number and you should be proud of your accomplishments. Have a wonderful day yourself!


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