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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Sunday, January 9

Resolution 2011: Art Journaling

One of the resolutions I made this year was to start using my Art Journal - the one I made almost a year ago. I've been inspired by many people to journal, just haven't made the time to do it. Art journaling is a time to explore ideas and try new techniques, with all the things I have going on I don't always have the time to do that.

So, I decided to MAKE the time, starting this year.

Here's the first page in my Art Journal, created today when I had a few quiet moments while my men ran off to the Flea Market. They asked me to go, but I didn't really feel like spending the afternoon there.

This page looks a LOT better in person -- and I used a LOT of different supplies on it too. The quote says: truth is something which must be known with the mind, accepted with the heart, and enacted in life. Hmmmm. how true, LOL.

Well, thanks for stopping by, hope you had a great weekend! See you again next time!


  1. love it! you are an inspiration to me darling!

  2. oh I love this, too...where did you get Glinda the good witch??


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