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Thursday, January 13

Resolution 2011: Art Journal Day 2

Day two of Resolution 2011: art journaling, CHECK.

Even though I created this page on Monday - the day after I created the first page - I've realized that I probably won't have time to create in my journal every day, so I'm going to be happy to get to it when I can. This page was fun, nothing exceptional - but I had this sheet of images on my desk from PaperWhimsy and they were calling my name - so I did.

This one was more fun and way less technickey (is that even a word? ), and I giggled as I glued the words at the top of the page. All the numbers are odd numbers - and the quote one of my own, he he. But isn't it true, don't we always wonder if we are normal or just a little bit different?

There's not a stitch of stitching on this page, but I wish I could stitch in my pretty book, I miss it. Maybe I'll manage some hand stitching sometime.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you'll get to some art journaling or following through with your resolutions this year. Have a great day!

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