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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Thursday, December 9

Studio Projects!

Do you ever have a project that you want to do around the house -- and you prop the supplies up so that every time you walk by you see them...hoping that you can get to your project when you have a free minute?

I do that. A lot more than I care to admit!

Sometimes though, you just have to take the horse by the reins and get it done. Or you have a friend coming over and you don't want her to see the stuff sitting there -- where it was -- the last time she visited - so you tackle the project just hours before she's supposed to arrive.

That's what happened to me on this project. I had this old quilt - I remember the exact moment I saw it at a yard sale in 1991. It was sitting in an old baby crib - alone and neglected. I paid $8.00 for it and used it all the time -- it was definitely love at first sight, at least for me it was! That was almost 20 years ago, my poor old quilt has definitely seen some better days and has been sitting in the closet since we moved here. That is until I put her on a cafe rod in my window to see what she would look like as a valance.

I'm pretty happy that I decided to pull her out of the closet and make her into some home decor items for my studio -- she's looking as lovely to me today as she did way back then when I bought her.

After assessing what I needed - and if I had enough - my favorite little yard sale find is now a cushion cover for the wicker chair that used to be my Grandmothers -- my little dog loves to lay in this chair with me in the studio.... the quilt over the back of the chair is so I can cover her up. Yes, she's spoiled - but the chair looks great.

I also had enough to make a couple of valances to hide the ugly shade hardware on my windows. This was easy. I measured the width of the window and decided how long I wanted the valance to be and cut the quilt 2" bigger on the width and 4" longer on the length. I hemmed the sides with a quick visit to my sewing machine and made a sleeve for a cafe curtain rod to slip in and I was done and they were ready to hang.

I will say this though – I think it looks a lot better in person!

I also made a little curtain to hide my file cabinet and the two ugly plastic bins under the counter. I hate those plastic bins - but until I find something else I have to use them.

I even have enough left to make a cover for my sewing machine and hopefully a slip cover for the back of my office chair. But those two projects will have to wait for another day cause I've got a lot of other projects calling my name. Do you have an old quilt that you can re-purpose into home decor - like pillows or slip covers. Your old, neglected quilt will be so happy have a new use!

Thanks for stopping by....Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. LOVE it all! Wow you are a busy little beaver arent you missy. lol
    We need to chat on the phone soon, cause I'm missing ya! hugs!


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