Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!

Find my stamps at Art Gone Wild!
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Tuesday, March 9

Inspired by the Ocean

We've been experiencing glorious weather the last few days - which is almost a miracle for Maine in the beginning of March! Saturday, Sunday and Monday I let the woodstove burn out and opened the doors to blow the stink of winter out - and get the sickness that's been going around for the last 4 weeks OUT of this house. It was wonderful! If I'd had a clothesline I think I would have washed all the quilts and hung them out so I could snuggle down in that delicious smell of clean, laundry dried by the sun. Bummer, must get my husband working on that for me ;-)

In between walks in the sun, a tiny bit of pre-spring spring cleaning and running errands I've been working on another canvas for my next on-line class at My Creative Classroom.

It's funny - the way the creative process works for me! This canvas has so MANY layers - and it wouldn't look AT ALL like this without them - but you can hardly see them. It's the process that I enjoy. I am always amazed at how something that starts out white and boring can end up looking so cool when it's done.

If you're interested in learning my process for creating canvases like this, take a trip over to My Creative Classroom. This class - Wire, Paint and Paper starts next Wednesday and lasts for 6 weeks. We'll be making a new canvas each week! You'll find lots of techniques, ways to use suppies and a new presentation each week.

THANKS for stopping by, I hope the weather is as nice for you as it is in New England this week.

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