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Tuesday, September 29

Projects from the Weekend

I almost forgot to post these projects from the weekend....I've been so busy with my classes for MCC and some Sewing on Paper cards I've been working on for a demo this weekend at Stamp-n-Scrap in Gardiner. I'll share them, but not until they're finished - like maybe tomorrow or Thursday.

Anyway, Friday night when we first got to the College Discovery Workshop with Claudine we worked on a pretty cool project. It was a fun color exercise using her new paint line, and it was a little a round robin for our table. We each chose two colors to work with, they could be mixed colors or not, and made one tag. Then we passed the tag on to another person at the table and they made a tag using your colors. And on until each person in your pod had made a tag for you. It was a lot of fun, and really broke the ice if everyone in your group was a complete stranger.

Here's my set:

On Saturday we worked on a ripped paper technique - which you can't see underneath the center canvas, but it's there. The little canvas on the left shows what the ripped paper technique looks like without anything added on top of it. The tag with my dog on it is a gel medium transfer - I think it came out perfect!

The three pieces below didn't get any further than this, I hope to do some cool collages on them for my hall. Not sure what will go on them - until I do they'll remain this way. I love the way they look just like this.

Not everyone made ATC's to trade, but for those that did - they totally rocked! I love the ones I got, THANKS everyone!

The ATC below with Claudine peaking out is actually an interactive one - she's on a wire and moves up and down with the bead hanging down underneath. SUPER cute!

Well, that's all I've got to share right now. Hope to get pictures of my cards for this weekend finished and photographed tomorrow to share. THANKS for stopping by!!


  1. Happy Wednesday!!!
    It's been a wile... Are you ready to start tradding again?
    I'm cropping this Firday and Saturday and my goal is to create 2 batches of ATC's! So I will email you beginning of the next week to confirm they went out if you are interrested! Have a great end of week! Hugs xx

  2. Half of my memo got lost when typing.... Her's the start of the previous post... "BEAUTIFUL and stunning! Love your bleu and pink ATC's..." and then continue with my Happy Wednesday post! ha ha!

  3. Looks like it was a great weekend! I love the ATC collection. Love the Claudia ATC - too funny!


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