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Wednesday, September 16

don't hate me because my tools are BEAUTIFUL

I've been holding off on buying good jewelry making tools because I was going to put them on my Christmas Wish list. Really, waiting until December 25th almost seems like agony if you have a sneak peak at what I've been working with, but there will be agony no more my friends.

Yesterday when I got home from running my child around here there and everywhere I discovered a lovely box full of goodies, samples and even a t-shirt from EK Success. I admit, I was anticipating the arrival of this box because I knew I had some things coming that I wanted to start playing with. You know that EK is an industry the leader in craft tools (I’m not sure it that’s a FACT, but in my world they are) and they also are a leader in making cool embellishments, right???

What do you think happens when you mix great tools with cool, sparkly embellishments?? You get snappy, blingy tools that rock! I’m serious, I love these new tools, and they are so purty, I don’t have to worry about my husband stealing, I mean borrowing these bad girls. I love ‘em. They totally rock. Wish I was goin’ someplace to show them off besides camping out at the coffee table so I can watch a movie and work at the same time. Don't you just love that little crystal each one?? And, there's a spot to hang a charm or something if I want to....or just my name so no one steals I mean borrows them from me.

Did I mention that I love ‘em??

Also, in between working on my class projects over at My Creative Classroom I worked on a little Thanksgiving project....a little glitter, a little stitching, some pretty papers and stamps...and voila, a pretty Thanksgiving deco, but not even a sneakie today, you'll see the completed projects soon enough on the Inkadinka do website.


  1. Wow! My jewelry tools are old and well used. I think it is time for some new snappy tools! Where can we find these bad girl tools?!

  2. Jealous! My box did not have those tools...but then again...I have no yet again jealous of you :-)

  3. I'm so jealous. I started my jewelry two years ago, and began my jewelry business/art a year ago. My tools are "okay" but I know one day I want to splurge and get really nice ones!

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