Creative Jumpstart 2021

Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, August 19

Rest by the Sea.....

These two projects seem appropriate to share with you today – we spent the most of yesterday at the beach resting by the cool blue water. Summer is in full swing here and the beach was a nice respit from the heat. I'm still not complaining about the heat - it could stay for the rest of this month and next for all I care, but it was nice to sit and chat with some friends without the distraction of the phone, computer, the sound of Mom Mom Mom and whatever else distracts me while living in the cave that our house has become to keep the heat out.

The last several projects I've made for Inkadinkado have an ocean theme to help them display ways to use new products they are releasing.

You can download the instructions for both of these projects (and many others too I might add) if you like...and find the products available for purchase on their website or in a local stamp shop near you! Just click on the photo to follow the link to the Inka website, from there click on the link that says "see all projects" to choose from several different types of projects to view and get instructions for. I hope you enjoy!!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy this beautiful August day!


  1. Love the ocean theme! The card is gorgeous! Enjoy a cooler day today!

  2. These are so lovely. Take me to the beach with you...I need to clear my head and rest my soul....Kara


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