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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Wednesday, August 12

I'm Pleased to introduce......Craft Cycle

My good friend Heidi Boyd has this cool book coming out in the fall -- and I've got some projects and recipes in it. I'm not sure I can share pictures of what I made, so I'll just share the cover that I found over on Amazon. It's a very cool book and Heidi put a lot of work into it.

My contribution to the projects part were a lot of fun to make - and I've already gotten them back. The recipes - well my first ever recipes in print - are a delicious black bean soup and some granola. I'm excited to see them, and have been thinking of entering some recipes in a I just may do that!

So, a quick thanks to Heidi for having me help out, I hope your book is very successful!


  1. this looks so good!!!! On my wishlist for Christmas !!!
    Congrats girl!!!

  2. congrats, Catherine! can't wait to check it out. I know the recipes will be yummy...your food always is :-)


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