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Creative Jumpstart 2021
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Friday, May 15

Images of Brimfield!

Tosay I was shocked by the number of people and dealers we discovered in Brimfield this week is an understatement. 6 THOUSAND dealers - and so many people. Karen, Kelley and I - well we lucked out! We found a parking spot on the edge of the melee- so when it was time to leave we didn't have much of a problem getting out of our parking spot, though next time we should park on the OTHER side of town so as to not have to worry about getting through all the traffic if we're in a rush to get home, which we were!

Some of the things we saw were really interesting, others not so much. Most things were antiques, but we were disappointed by some dealers (the button, bead and trim lady specifically) had a lot of things that were NOT old and WAY overpriced. For example she had some printed ribbon (Creative Impressions I think??)that Kelley sold in her store for .50 cents a yard - for $2.50 a yard. I guess most people won't know the difference but we did and didn't buy much from her. I did find 3 very small and old frozen charlottes, a cute little wooden washboard man that we named Otis (I'll post the link to the guy I bought him from as soon as I find his business card) and some other little trinkity things. GREAT junk to use in my artsy projects!!

The main drag in Brimfield, early in the afternoon.
A cool trim lady, though she was not overpriced - I couldn't find anything I wanted from her.
Karen looking through her stash of goodies and re-organizing her bag.
Rubbing Buddha's belly for good luck.
I loved this statue!
It was this lovely lady's birthday - and she shared her delicious cake with us.
These bottles were arranged so Mom and I have always loved big green bottles like this.
Batik stamps.
three arms anyone?? lol.
A rooster, would love to have him in my yard!
You can see Karen's pictures here, and I'm not sure if Kelley put any on her blog, but you can check it out anyway, she's got a lot of great pictures of her garden too! I had a great couple of days away - and would love to have had a couple more - plus carte blanche to buy what ever I wanted....there was so much stuff to give a home to!!

Well, that's all for now, time to get ready for Yoga. I'll take some pictures of my goodies later and share them with you too!


  1. This looks soo cool- I wish I could have been there with you. And those batik stamps-oohhh woowwww!

  2. My heart to killing me, it's beating so fast, I want to go there. What a day you had. You know we live pretty close about 2-3 hours we have to meet sometime.

    peggy lee

  3. Looks really cool! Love the photo of you with the budda! lol


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